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BOMAN inside transparent energy-saving screen PES10

1.Heat retention: PES10 combines good heat retention with maximum transmission of light. They are ideal for saving energy both day and night.
2.Good airflow: the knitting structure of the screen protects PES10 from dews by allowing sufficient airflow.
3.High light diffusion: this diffusion (PES10) brings light to the plants from many angels, reducing overheating of upper areas and reaching the lower canopy of the crop.
4.Long usage life: PES10 is a highly UV stabilized product with excellent antistatic properties the screen will stay clean and efficient for many years.
5.Stable performance: the applied UV-stabilizers are resistant to all common chemicals used in greenhouses. The thermal shrinkage is not more than 2.0%, under 70℃ for 2 hours.
6.Small occupation: PES10 is very soft and folded easily. Its small size offers for maximum available light.
7.Application: PES10 can be used under all types of greenhouse cover. The installation can be sliding system or hanging movable system.

Available types and technical data







Standard width
3.2m, 4.3m, 5.3m, 6.2m. Other widths are available on demand.

5 years under all types of greenhouse covering (including the covering without anti-UV efficiency).

Flame retardant
*PES10 can be made from flame retardant polymer materials (halogen-free) alone; this is applied in a fire safety perspective installation.

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